Is a 100 Mbps Fast Internet – 5 Latest Tips To Speed Up Your Internet

Internet speed creates a lot of difference to users. Whenever we are engaging in online activities, we need to get available with good internet speed. If it is not good, then it becomes quite difficult for us to engage in activities efficiently. These days, people get agreed with 25 MBPS or 50 MBPS or 30 MBPS, and so on. But among all the MBPS plans available, 100 MBPS is considered to be the best one.

Usually, people have a thought in their mind that 100 MBPS is not the right speed to have or it is very slow. But this is not the truth at all. The 100 MBPS speed is very fast, and no trouble will be created by the user at all. They will be going to get the result within a while, and without any delay, they can easily move further.

If you wish to get sure that why 100 MBPS plan is considered to be the best one to have then here the reasons are mentioned that will clear your doubt effectively.

Latest Tips to Speed up Your Internet 100mbps Plan Best One

Immediate Results:

Whenever we are looking forward to searching for a particular query, they always want immediate results. But sometimes the internet speed is not fast, and we are not able to get the same at all. But when you are having the plan of 100mbps available, you will not be going to face the same trouble at all. The moment you click on enter to get the results, within nanoseconds results will get appeared in front of you. There is no need for you to feel any hassle because this is speed is fulfill your requirement.

Fast Loading Speed:

Whenever we are browsing on a site, the loading of the page plays an important role for us. If you have maintained your website, then you might be aware of the fact that it is important to keep the loading timeless. But if a user is not available with an active internet connection with good speed, then the loading will take a lot of time. But 100 MBPS plan for the same problem will not arise at all. They will be going to see the results within a while. They need to understand that their plan is working appropriately in their favor.

Fast Uploading Speed:

Uploading speed is also a matter of concern. Uploading speed will let a user browse through the content easily and also if they wish to upload something on a portal they can go with it at all. One can take the example of Facebook. Whenever we are putting any video or uploading any of the stuff on FB, it is important for us to get available with an active internet connection with good speed. If its speed is not good, then we will not be going to get the results, and we need to wait unnecessarily. But with 100 MBPS plan, the same problem will not be created for you at all.

Fast Downloading Speed:

Whenever the user is looking forward to downloading the content, they do not want any trouble in between. With 100 MBPS plan, the situation will be going to the same. No trouble will be created to a user whenever they are browsing through the internet and downloading the content. They need to click on download and agree to the condition asked. Within no time the content will get downloaded in their folder. 

Whether you are going to download the file of 1 GB or 10 GB or 15 GB within no time, the same content will get available on your device. You need to be patient for a while so that results will be appropriate for you and you can enjoy the downloaded content.

Streaming Services:

These days, whenever a user is going for streaming like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and so on they want that the internet is up to the mark and delivering the HD quality results. But if the same is not there, then they will not be able to get it at all. 

With 100 MBPS speed, they will be going to get the HD quality. They can stream through the portal easily. No such problem will be created to them at all. Whether you are looking forward to stream Netflix or YouTube or any other portal and you have selected HD quality video, the same will be going to play without any pause.

Multiple Devices:

With the plan of 100mbps, multiple devices will be able to act at the same time. The uploading speed, downloading speed, loading speed, streaming speed, will be the same and no such problem will be created to them at all. It depends upon the task in which a user will be going to engage. Until and unless they are not sure that the task in which require internet is going on smoothly they cannot complete it easily.

These are the reasons that will let you conclude that the 100 Mbps plan to be the fastest one. Moreover, if you feel like that you are not satisfied with it then 200 MBPS, 300mbps, 250 MBPS, 400 MBPS and so on the plans are available. You need to ask a service provider and then choose the plan accordingly.

Final Conclusion:

The 100mbps is the right plan to choose, and this is the fastest one as well. There is no need for a user to worry about anything whenever they are using it. After getting the internet connection available, if you want to check out that what is the speed of the internet connection you are available then also the option is there. You need to go through the online portal, and the speed testing tool is available. 

Within no time, you can get the answers available and can conclude whether this plan will be able to fulfill your requirement or not. After purchasing a plan, if you wish to enhance it with another one, the service provider is available with the same as well.

What Is the Difference Between Modem And Router

You can begin with your Modem and router if asked to describe how your house internet connection operates. Modems and Routers are two of the extremely common PC peripherals. However, many people do not understand the work of each one. Although the Modems and Routers may look the same, they each serve various purposes.

Luckily, the works of the Modems and Routers are easy to understand. A Modem is not similar to a Router and knows the difference between a Modem and a Router is vital for both educational and useful purposes. Both devices are critical to installing up a Wi-Fi network.

Here are the vital differences between the Modem and router that drives home the Internet operates. It is essential to understand the difference between a modem and a router if you wish to set up your connection or troubleshoot issues with your Internet connection.

What Is A Modem?

A Modem is the initial point of contact for internet signal in your house or small office connection. The Modem attaches to your ISP system with the help of coaxial wire or a telephone cable, depending on if you have a Cable or a DSL internet facility.

Modems are available as DSL Modems and Cable Modems. Cable Modems use a Coaxial Wire Connection (same to Cable Television) to join the Cable Port on your house or small office, & attached to your Internet facility provider’s cable network.

What Is A Router?

wlan antenna

A Router is a device that permits different ways to share a network connection. The first router only has several Ethernet ports that allow machines to attach to a local area network (LAN). The router also operates in the other route by sharing data sent from your PC back to the system.

Routers permit several PCs and other devices, like mobile phones and tablets, to connect a similar network. Routers are generally straight and have antennas sticking out of them. Modern Routers are commonly used to generate a Wi-Fi network so that many devices such as tablets, laptops, & phones can attach wirelessly to an internet system.

What is the Difference between Modem and Router?


  • A modem is a device that only attaches to one device: either a house Computer or a router.
  • A router can connect to various devices in a network, also via Ethernet cables or via Wi-Fi.
  • Router arises in Network Layer (Layer 3), and the Modem comes in Data Link Layer (Layer 2) of the OSI model.


  • A modem does not display the data it encrypts or decrypts, and therefore it passes through any possible risk to attached PCs.
  • Routers inspect data packs to decide their location and, consequently, be firewalls to check for attacks on the connection.
  • Routers create a gripping case for themselves, often comprising a hardware firewall as part of the pack.
  • Intrinsically, a modem frequently offers no such protection and can be risky if attached directly to the Internet via one.

Integrated Modem and Router:

  • Internet Service Providers, such as Comcast, frequently hire an integrated modem and router to their consumers.
  • It is called the entrance. It joins both functions into a particular device. Such a mixed invention has benefits: The ISP can handle the equipment, occasionally at all.

Multiple Devices:

  • If you want a Wi-Fi network for various devices, then you have a router with a built-in modem.
  • If you need a modem-only tool, it typically wired, and you must attach it directly to use the Internet. To connect many devices, you have to purchase a router and plug it into the Modem.


  • A modem is a regulator/detector. Data transmission over the Internet is through cables in analog format. But electronic tools such as computers and smartphones only know digital communication.
  • A router forms a network and permits many devices to attach to this network. The router will connect to the Modem, so all devices connected to the router through the Internet.


  • Connecting to the Internet via a modem is possible via an Ethernet cable, which usually starts to faster speeds than connecting via Wi-Fi.  
  • You can also attach through Ethernet with a router, and modem-router boxes, if you will see inside, are possibly just a router and Modem joined together.
  • Purchasing the best and correct router for your requirements and ensures it’s ready for the NBN, and it will assist in achieving higher Wi-Fi speeds.


  • Prices are generally the same if relating a similar for the model in the router and modem spaces; yet, if merging the two into a ‘modem router,’ the charges can be very high.
  • The ‘Cobra’ AC5300 Wi-Fi modem-router charges approximately $780 at a local cost.
  • A similar AC5300 router charges just below $700, so you pay $50 extra to attach to the Internet.

Combined Routers and Modems

Many Internet Service Providers offer a modem and router in a particular device. The device has the semiconductor technology and software to provide both functions, performing as a modem that interacts with your Internet Service Provider and working as a router to make a home connection. Many Internet Service Providers also bundle a smartphone interface into a similar box to access their VOIP offerings.

Although a connecting element has its charms—just one device covering your office —there are also some drawbacks. Using different ways provides more flexibility in what you can do with your home network and allows you to ensure that you’re using the most excellent quality devices. And you can save some money by using your techniques instead of the methods offered by your Internet Service Provider.

Final Conclusion:

When subscribing to an Internet Service Provider, they generally offer you a box that attaches to your smartphone line and your PC. This box is frequently both a router and a modem. A modem is a device that transfers the connection with your Internet Service Provider via your telephone line; on the other hand, a router is a device used to attach two networks. Read here to know about the difference between the Modem and the router.

How To Get Into Router Settings – Router Portal

Technologies have made our life easy- peasy and with time more technologies have made life easier. Router is one of such comfort but operating technology is not everyone’s up of tea. It is okay, even if you are fresher at it, to set up router settings. At first, see which router you are willing to set. To set home router you will require a configuration. They all give a configuration interface (an administration panel) and it can be accessed in your web browser. 

The first thing, which you may do, is changing the name of your wireless network. Second, go for password change option and you can even change router’s firewall rules for permitting inbound or outbound traffic on particular network ports. Otherwise you can even Change The Username And Password used for accessing your router’ administration interface. Out of all changing name and password is the most effective because here you lessen the chance of risk and can connect in the right way.

 Go for resetting the router to factory defaults; it is for those who have mistakenly done a mistake by resetting the router to its factory default settings.  

There is one more brilliant option, if you are unable doing at your own then you can surely visit to the showroom from where you have bought. You take your router there and they will do all the settings and you can even learn. 

Well, router sometimes confuses people because the setting of the router is not like the phone has. You do not need to be worried and you can just visit to the showroom and understand the settings of the router.  Router settings are not that difficult that you will not be able to understand. So relax and do at least above things.

Now Get Free Internet Anywhere

Find below the list of methods to access the internet anywhere across the globe for your reference:- Internet Speed

MAC Spoofing (Get your Time Limits) – A few of them will offer free Wi-Fi (wireless) network and limit the internet access only for a few hours. In case if you do not want to exit the network or locating a new hotspot then it is much easier to extend the time by performing the simple MAC address spoofing. You can spoof of getting a new MAC address to extend another few hours. If not, spook the MAC address of another person who has unlimited Wi-Fi access to their paid service.

Registering for the Loyalty Program – You can find numerous businesses and hotels that will offer the users to utilize the free Wi-Fi (wireless) access by registering for the loyalty program. In case if you are using the best spam filter than without any worry, you can utilize the free loyalty program. It is also not required to access the nasty newsletters after registering for the loyalty program.

Utilizing the Hotspot Database – In case if you are not able to stand with the coffee smell or no other hotspot locations near to your place then it is advisable to utilize the WeFi, the new hotspot database. It has numerous lists of Wi-Fi hotspots (more than 100 million hotspots) available across the globe including the urban or rural areas to cover. This app is also available for both Android & iPhone users, they can utilize the search engine to locate the Best Wireless Connection.

Locate your favorite Businesses & Hotels – There are various businesses and hotels offering free Wi-Fi service to their users such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, and many more. You need to list down the expected & unexpected places to know where you can get the free Wi-Fi access. Even most of the favorite hotels will provide free Wi-Fi service to their guests or clients. Without any strings attached, many people will provide with facility for their users.

How To Find WiFi Password And Make WiFi Faster

what is my wifi password ?

Finding Current Wi-Fi Password on Windows

If you are already connected to your preferred Wi-Fi (wireless) network using your Windows desktop (PC) or laptop then it will automatically remember the Wi-Fi password of your network. It is much easier to view the Wi-Fi password of your previously connected or recently connected networks on any of your Windows computers. To locate the Wi-Fi password of your recently connected network can be accessed through the Control Panel on your Windows computer.

You can just access the Wireless Network icon and right-click to access the Network & Sharing Center. Instead, the recent update of Windows 10 OS will allow you to access the Context menu. Open the Settings option and access the Network & Sharing Center. It is also possible to access the Network & Sharing center through the Control Panel by opening the Network & Internet sub-menu.


  • Access the Network & Sharing Center.
  • Choose your current Wi-Fi (wireless) network connection name.
  • Tap the “Wireless Properties” icon to view the status of your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Turn on the “Show characters” option under the Security tab to know your Wi-Fi hidden password.

Finding Previously Connected Wi-Fi Password on Windows

Windows operating system will always store the previously connected wireless network password for future access. You can utilize the Network & Sharing center to view the password in Windows 7 OS. But, it is essential to utilize the command prompt to find the Wi-Fi password on Windows 10 or Windows 8 OS.

  • Access the Network & Sharing Center and tap the Manage Wireless Network option that is located near the left-hand side menu.
  • Now, you can view the list of wireless (Wi-Fi) networks that are previously connected.
  • Just double-tab the Wi-Fi network name to view the appropriate network properties.
  • Turn on the “Show characters” option under the Security tab to know your Wi-Fi hidden password.
  • It is available under the “Network Security Key” column.

Finding Wi-Fi Password on Windows 10 & 8

You can easily find your Wi-Fi network password using the command prompt on your Windows 8 or 10 operating systems. To access, you need to right-click on the Windows Start icon and choose the “Command Prompt” for access.

  • After accessing the Command prompt, you need to input the following command: netsh wlan show profiles and hit the enter key.
  • Now, you can view the list of previously connected wireless networks.
  • To view the password of your previously connected profiles, you need to replace the profile name. 
  • Input the following command without quotes “netsh wlan show profile name=profilename key=clear” and hit the enter key.
  • Browse & locate the “Key Content” to view your wireless (Wi-Fi) network password.

You can follow any one of the above-mentioned methods to view your Wi-Fi (wireless) network password.

How to make Wi-Fi faster

You can find numerous things to incense the slow internet connection similar to a perfectly level-headed person. Even a little buffering icon will create various problems and the creeping webpage can lose your hope. However, you can follow the below-provided steps to enhance your Wi-Fi (wireless) network with stronger, better, and without any payment.

Utilize the Mesh Network – If you are experiencing latency while access then it is important to rethink your wireless network. The developed holes within your Wi-Fi system will be covered by the mesh network with creating a signal blanket across your location.

Utilize the old router as a Wi-Fi Repeater – You can extend the reach of your wireless network by using the ideal option of Powerline Network adapters. But, it won’t work well with the separate circuits. The Powerline Network adapters will not able to extend your wireless network. In this case, you can utilize your old router and make it work as a Wi-Fi (wireless) bridge.

It will usually require involving with the custom installation of firmware on your Wireless router. Moreover, it is possible to increase network speed. You can short-cut using the wire to work with the wireless network on your property or the outer limits.

Creating a Wireless Security – It is obvious that most of the wireless networks are available unsecured and left open. This could be a potential threat and dramatic slowdowns to the users connecting to that network. Most of the users will restrict their open networks and their bandwidth from downloading large files or streaming videos. Access your wireless router’s admin webpage using the IP address through a web browser by utilizing the default login credentials for access.

However, it may vary for different brands and it is advisable to check the product manual or router’s rear-side to know the login credentials. The Encryption method should be WPA2 and choose an easily remember the passphrase. Finally, share the wireless network password only with your trusted people for network access. 

What Is My IP Location – Router Portal

Warning! Use a VPN to hide IP!
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The IP address is like this, And every system has its own IP location. IP (internet protocol address) is an individual address so whether you have tablet, Smartphone, computers and this helps in connecting with other devices in the IP network. So with this you can have precise information on all the local services and Google searches. This even fixes account or service issues (Amazon prime, for an instance) and this is done by an exact IP location. The other benefits which IP address gives is to give you protection. It provides you a VPN encrypt your data and this helps you in keeping away from getting hacked.  Along with these things, you get easy integration, several of granularity and advocates IPv4 & IPv6.  

Every device has town, IP Geo-Location, which is geographical location of any user connected to the Internet. So there is even a special tool and you can check your IP address with the four favourite Geo-location providers. 

There are ways to find out your IP address in easy way. Database helps in knowing the IP address and it gives any location of IP address whichever is on the internet.  There is even a special tool through which you can track your IP address and that is Geo Location providers. Well, besides this tool, there are other ways too through which anyone can know their IP address and it is kind easy which can be done at own.

Note- Those who may get confuse with this it is for them. This tool does not provide live locations of your IP. It would only give you estimation for the IP address location. But if you are looking for something to see exact location of your IP then you can also check at your own.