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how to change ip address on router


  • Switch off your router for a few minutes and move it back on.
  • The essential nature of DHCP is to “remember” the tool and provide you with the similar IP address you had before, so only shut down your router and turning it back on will not possibly change the IP address.
  • Though, if you use several times, you may get lucky and will get a new IP address from your ISP.
  • If many attempts do not give you a new IP address, try shutting down the router overnight and again open in the morning.
  • Re-join your router to your ISP through managerial Interface.
  • However, once you login to the Administrative Comfort of the router, you must be able to place the reconnect button.

how to change ip address on Computer

  • Turn off your PC for few minutes and again open it.
  • Again, the essential nature of DHCP is to provide the device similar IP address now, you will get various addresses for the first time after restarting your computer.
  • Now, repeat your IP address.
  • Then, hit Start -> Run, and type CMD.
  • At the Command Quick screen, run “release,” and “repeat” guidelines.
  • You must start Higher Command Quick to perform the IP config command.
  • You can use a proxy server to hide your real IP address and steal an IP from a 3rd-party Proxy supplier.

how to change ip address on Smartphone

  • Start your mobile again – switch off your Wi-Fi, and start your mobile again.
  • Your mobile will receive a public IP address from your smartphone facility supplier through DHCP by restarting your smartphone, you will receive a new IP address.
  • If you have not received a unique IP address, you may wish to use this for a few times until you find a matchless number.
  • Use your friend’s Wi-Fi IP address – ask your friend if you can custom his/her network, and if permitting connecting to their Wi-Fi network.

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