How To Get Into Router Settings – Router Portal

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Technologies have made our life easy- peasy and with time more technologies have made life easier. Router is one of such comfort but operating technology is not everyone’s up of tea. It is okay, even if you are fresher at it, to set up router settings. At first, see which router you are willing to set. To set home router you will require a configuration. They all give a configuration interface (an administration panel) and it can be accessed in your web browser. 

The first thing, which you may do, is changing the name of your wireless network. Second, go for password change option and you can even change router’s firewall rules for permitting inbound or outbound traffic on particular network ports. Otherwise you can even Change The Username And Password used for accessing your router’ administration interface. Out of all changing name and password is the most effective because here you lessen the chance of risk and can connect in the right way.

 Go for resetting the router to factory defaults; it is for those who have mistakenly done a mistake by resetting the router to its factory default settings.  

There is one more brilliant option, if you are unable doing at your own then you can surely visit to the showroom from where you have bought. You take your router there and they will do all the settings and you can even learn. 

Well, router sometimes confuses people because the setting of the router is not like the phone has. You do not need to be worried and you can just visit to the showroom and understand the settings of the router.  Router settings are not that difficult that you will not be able to understand. So relax and do at least above things.

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