How To Find WiFi Password And Make WiFi Faster

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what is my wifi password ?

Finding Current Wi-Fi Password on Windows

If you are already connected to your preferred Wi-Fi (wireless) network using your Windows desktop (PC) or laptop then it will automatically remember the Wi-Fi password of your network. It is much easier to view the Wi-Fi password of your previously connected or recently connected networks on any of your Windows computers. To locate the Wi-Fi password of your recently connected network can be accessed through the Control Panel on your Windows computer.

You can just access the Wireless Network icon and right-click to access the Network & Sharing Center. Instead, the recent update of Windows 10 OS will allow you to access the Context menu. Open the Settings option and access the Network & Sharing Center. It is also possible to access the Network & Sharing center through the Control Panel by opening the Network & Internet sub-menu.


  • Access the Network & Sharing Center.
  • Choose your current Wi-Fi (wireless) network connection name.
  • Tap the “Wireless Properties” icon to view the status of your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Turn on the “Show characters” option under the Security tab to know your Wi-Fi hidden password.

Finding Previously Connected Wi-Fi Password on Windows

Windows operating system will always store the previously connected wireless network password for future access. You can utilize the Network & Sharing center to view the password in Windows 7 OS. But, it is essential to utilize the command prompt to find the Wi-Fi password on Windows 10 or Windows 8 OS.

  • Access the Network & Sharing Center and tap the Manage Wireless Network option that is located near the left-hand side menu.
  • Now, you can view the list of wireless (Wi-Fi) networks that are previously connected.
  • Just double-tab the Wi-Fi network name to view the appropriate network properties.
  • Turn on the “Show characters” option under the Security tab to know your Wi-Fi hidden password.
  • It is available under the “Network Security Key” column.

Finding Wi-Fi Password on Windows 10 & 8

You can easily find your Wi-Fi network password using the command prompt on your Windows 8 or 10 operating systems. To access, you need to right-click on the Windows Start icon and choose the “Command Prompt” for access.

  • After accessing the Command prompt, you need to input the following command: netsh wlan show profiles and hit the enter key.
  • Now, you can view the list of previously connected wireless networks.
  • To view the password of your previously connected profiles, you need to replace the profile name. 
  • Input the following command without quotes “netsh wlan show profile name=profilename key=clear” and hit the enter key.
  • Browse & locate the “Key Content” to view your wireless (Wi-Fi) network password.

You can follow any one of the above-mentioned methods to view your Wi-Fi (wireless) network password.

How to make Wi-Fi faster

You can find numerous things to incense the slow internet connection similar to a perfectly level-headed person. Even a little buffering icon will create various problems and the creeping webpage can lose your hope. However, you can follow the below-provided steps to enhance your Wi-Fi (wireless) network with stronger, better, and without any payment.

Utilize the Mesh Network – If you are experiencing latency while access then it is important to rethink your wireless network. The developed holes within your Wi-Fi system will be covered by the mesh network with creating a signal blanket across your location.

Utilize the old router as a Wi-Fi Repeater – You can extend the reach of your wireless network by using the ideal option of Powerline Network adapters. But, it won’t work well with the separate circuits. The Powerline Network adapters will not able to extend your wireless network. In this case, you can utilize your old router and make it work as a Wi-Fi (wireless) bridge.

It will usually require involving with the custom installation of firmware on your Wireless router. Moreover, it is possible to increase network speed. You can short-cut using the wire to work with the wireless network on your property or the outer limits.

Creating a Wireless Security – It is obvious that most of the wireless networks are available unsecured and left open. This could be a potential threat and dramatic slowdowns to the users connecting to that network. Most of the users will restrict their open networks and their bandwidth from downloading large files or streaming videos. Access your wireless router’s admin webpage using the IP address through a web browser by utilizing the default login credentials for access.

However, it may vary for different brands and it is advisable to check the product manual or router’s rear-side to know the login credentials. The Encryption method should be WPA2 and choose an easily remember the passphrase. Finally, share the wireless network password only with your trusted people for network access. 

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